Sunday, June 27, 2010


It was one fine day,
as usual, he crossed my way.
The most annoying things, he would incessantly say,
Still at the top of my friend’s list, he’d always stay!

Gradually, he opened up and shared,
& I came to terms with how much he cared!
It felt so nice when just for my sake,
he’d often place his own interests at stake.

I was so confused the day he said, “Believe me, it’s true,
in my life there is nothing without you.”
I knew I couldn’t accept, yet I didn’t dismiss,
not to say a thing that could hurt him, was my only wish.

And then one day, as I returned awake
from the fictional world so veritably fake,
It seemed as if lotuses were replaced by mosses and hake
in my crystal clear, beautiful dream lake;

I kept watching as he walked away,
I remained wordless, even when I’d so much to say.
My faith shattered in a moment,
I didn’t have time even to lament.

I cried as if I would never again cry,
I could stop only when my heart went dry.
As many times as he framed rigmarole of lie,
my soul had learnt to silently die.

Even when before me, every truth lies bare,
Giving him all happiness still seems fair!
It’ll take a lot of effort but I’ll try,
to give him the best gift ever – “A GOODBYE”!

I realize thereafter what my life will lack,
I want nothing more than my FRIEND back;
I was a mere human, bound to commit mistakes,
But to mend my ways, I’ll do whatever it takes.

Hey pals!! Couldn’t stop myself from writing another post today....This poem suddenly struck after a real long writer’s block period. (Seems it's the BLOG EFFECT!) However, I am sorry if you supposed that this tale was my story! Well, let me put it like this- If you don’t like this poem, don’t worry, I’ll try to do better next time.

But if you have liked it, let me tell you where the inspiration came from. It was not me or my friend’s life. The inspiration is the following poem I found somewhere on internet written by an anonymous poet. It has been  written very beautifully and I would really like to hear from the person who wrote it!

Anyway, it now feels good after penning down something I am actually finding worth posting....:)
I’d try to be regular though...Bye for now friends!
Have a good day, believe in yourself and DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY!

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