Friday, February 20, 2015

Random thoughts :)

So less can be explained about what one wants and why...what can not be even tried for knowing that is the right thing...what has be taken even though it might be the worst thing...Perhaps as much as life is about dreams and's also about 'don't care' and compromises...explanation is the last thing that should be tried for what the heart says....and yet that's always the right thing to do...or is there something like a 'right' or a 'wrong'? Is it all not just a game of perspectives? Does it even matter?
Some of the biggest mistakes of past look just like tiny things one can laugh at, future always seems to scare...present never lived into...what's that always goes missing..even at the right place, right time with right people and right situations? Perhaps the biggest and most vulnerable of treasures with us is 'ourselves'. Losing that is easy...and fatal. Inability to love oneself is the worst of things to happen to anyone...perhaps even with biggest of mistakes, the ability to forgive ourselves was hence imbibed in the human's a survival instinct! smile emoticon
Fears never leave the head, pains never cease...going through the pain is necessary...but coming out of it is furthermore necessary...Decisions which are either 'right' or 'wrong' are easy to take...difficult are decisions that are 'right' both the ways...or worse...'wrong' both the ways...What then? Nothing...sit back and enjoy the ride? Yeah...pretty much! Let the moments take away your breath while you wait for the next miracle to happen....because that is almost sure to come....

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